This precious soul landed at animal control, heavily pregnant and facing euthanasia. Joy was rescued in the nick of time and spent the next few weeks showered with love. Joy had a small crew of volunteers who did absolutely everything they could to show Joy what life should be all about.

Joy had every reason to hate humans. Along the lines, someone made the irresponsible choice to not spay. Her flea/tick infestation was so bad that she even had ticks in the crevice of her eyes. She was battling respiratory issues, heartworms, and pregnancy. She was slated to die alongside her unborn babies in a noisy, scary shelter. In spite of it all, Joy loved everyone she met. She yearned for human affection upon all else and showed her gratitude with every move. She was the most gentle and kind soul.

When Joy finally went into labor, her team of volunteers came together attending her needs. Joy was rocking labor and giving birth seamlessly. The next morning things took a turn when Joy started showing signs of distress. Scans revealed a large deformed puppy stuck inside and Joy was prepped for surgery. Despite every possible effort, Joy did not survive labor. The stuck puppy had ripped through her insides and caused massive internal bleeding. Joy had 3 surviving puppies. They were placed with a surrogate mama, a rescue herself, who took right to them and raised them as her own.

We found comfort in knowing that Joy knew love in her final weeks. She was spoiled rotten, pampered and treated like royalty. She was loved beyond measures; likely experiencing love for the first time in her life. We also found comfort in knowing that despite the heartbreak, 3 precious puppies are alive today because of her and the efforts made. 3 lives were saved and that makes it all worth it.


Joy’s Promise is a promise to keep fighting for those like Joy. The discarded, unwanted, abused and neglected. It won’t always look like Joy, a pregnant mama facing euthanasia. It might be a pittie sitting animal control for months, years unwanted. It might be a boxer mix from a terrible hoarding case. It might be an owner surrender that lost everything they have ever known. It might be a box of puppies who were tossed without the slightest remorse. Joy’s Promise is a promise for Joy’s death to not be in vain, but a catalyst for more lives saved.

Joy’s Promise Canine Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and an actively licensed GDA animal shelter. We are a foster-based canine rescue out of Jackson, GA.

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